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Lohagad Fort

Nearby attraction Prati Pandharpur

The word Prati here means the replica. Prati-Pandharpur is a place near pawna lake Pune which is being constructed as the replica of Pandharpur. There is a handful of Prati-Temples around Pune like Prati-Balaji and Prati-Shirdi.


Pandharpur is a very famous pilgrimage in Maharashtra, India. Lord Vitthala who is considered as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the main deity in Pandharpur. Millions of people visit Pandharpur every year. Prati-Pandharpur is being constructed to give the same look and feel of Pandharpur by Baba Maharaj Satarkar who is a famous speaker on Dnyaneshwari and is well known for his devotion to Lord Vitthala.

Prati-Pandharpur is located in Dudhivare village near Pavana Dam over a few acres area. The famous Lohagad Fort is also located a few kilometers away from the temple. Though the project is not yet fully completed, the temple of Lord Vitthala and Saint Dnyaneshwar is worth visiting. The idols in the temples are very beautiful and are carved out of marble. There is a great design on the roof and a very beautiful chandelier hanging from the roof.

There is a place to stay here if you want to stay overnight. There is a beautiful garden in front of the temple. The climate is very pleasant. The place is surrounded by a lush green forest.

To reach Prati-Pandharpur, you have to reach Pavana Dam. You can reach there from Lonavala as well as from Pune.

mini prati pandharpur at pawna lake maval
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