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Important Safety Update: Swimming Prohibited at Pavana Lake

Updated: Mar 1

pawna lake safety point

  • Swimming warning at Pavana Dam

  • Important safety information for visitors to Pavana Dam

  • Pavana Dam: Swimming and entering the water is prohibited

  • Be safe at Pavana Dam: Know the rules before you go

  • Enjoy Pavana Dam responsibly: Swimming is not allowed

Option 1 (Informative):

Important Safety Update: Swimming Prohibited at Pavana Dam (February 20, 2024). Enjoy the beauty of Pavana Dam responsibly and safely. Learn more about current restrictions.

Option 2 (Urgency):

Danger! Swimming Banned at Pavana Dam. (updated February 20, 2024). Prioritize your safety. Share this update to keep everyone informed.

Option 3 (Targeted):

Pune Visitors Alert: Pavana Dam Swimming Ban in Effect. (updated February 20, 2024). Plan your trip safely. Find alternative activities near Pavana Dam.

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